An Open Letter From the Former Gil Dareberry

June 27, 2021

Dear Fellow Members - 

I’m humbled by all the texts I have received from so many of you inquiring why I haven’t been out to the club lately. I have responded to most of you by saying that I’ve been battling a debilitating case of the chipping yips, but that's only partially true. There is a much bigger reason for my absence and I feel like it’s time to reveal the truth.

My truth.

For my entire 16 years at the club, all of you have known me as Gil. 

G-Berry, G-funk

Gil the union welder, Gil the organizer of the annual Fantasy Football draft, Gil the 16 handicap, Gil the “puss hound”.

Sadly, that Gil was a lie. 

The Gil you all know is not the Gil that I have ever known.

What you saw was Gil. What I felt, was Jill.

That’s right. I am embarking on a journey to become what I have always been

A woman.

For the first time in my life I’d like to formally introduce myself as the person I truly am 

Ms. Jill Dareberry

To Edna Frank, Cathy Spunt and the many other female members who have supported me throughout this transition….I thank you. 

You girls rock! 

A bit of a warning. When you see me at the club I may be dressed a little different. I’ve traded in my carpenter jean shorts and American Flag graphic T-shirts for an Adidas skort onesie, but I’m still that person you have always enjoyed being around.

I can't wait for Thursday Night Men’s league to start so I can finally take my rightful place on the Ladies Tee Box.

Kisses! - Jill 



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