Miguel Vega Spring Course Update

March 30, 2023

Hola Member, es Miguel! Long time pass since you get course update. Been so busy with take care of madre' in law but she gone now so can focus better.

Hole Uno

We take away blue tee to make parking spot for cripple people but es OK, nobody play that tee anyway.

Hole Dos

Best news! Chemical spill in pond next to green make water es nice and blue. Remind me of Masters except for dead fish.

Hole Tres

Ball washer covered in vine and now robin family build nest so please, no use until hatch. Bad luck if disturb egg.

Hole Cuatro

Es perfect except for bridge over creek. We keep open for golfer but Miguel too nervous to cross. 

Hole Cinco

Not bad except for need more dirt in bonker. Have some leftover from hole for madre' in-law grave behind cart barn

Hole Seis

Grocery cart still stuck in mud. We leave for now. 

Hole Siete

Fairway es perfecto thanks to many goose caca. I say no hunting next winter so have more goose but (sigh) I not the boss. 

Hole Ocho 

Haha we try to sod dead spots last fall but didn't work. 

Hole Nueve

Es in best shape. Only thing I wish to change is the mud.

Hole Diez

Finally stand Porta-Juan next to tee box upright. It look better now. 

Hole Once

Temporary green for the temporary green back open. Enjoy!

Hole Doce

Es too much shade on green to grow grass so use carpet from senor Brubaker's camper. Color not match but es ok. 

Hole Trece

Es still mud from big snow pile in winter. It smell funny but not sure why. We wait and see.

Hole Catorce

Senor Bevens repaint sign facing highway from "Trump 2020" to "Trump 2024"

Hole Quince

Sewer line still not fixed. lots of standing water on tee box. Not smart to smoke here. 

Hole Dieciseis

Miguel have new surprise for golfers next month. Hopefully not afraid of height!

Hole Diecisiete

Add tee box for "They/Their/Them" in front of lady tees. Boss say it help with lawsuit.

Hole Dieciocho

We put flip phone on railroad tie by white tee so member can pre-order from Bottoms Up.

OK? Happy Spring! Miguel

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