Miguel Vega Winter Golf Course Report

January 04, 2024

You know famous Navidad song "Baby it Cold outside?” haha. well that is how golfing course is now. Burrrr! We no do much now in this of time of year but I give you update anyway OK? 

Hole Uno - What can I say? No bueno. Tee box still dead from 4th of July firecracker display and bonkers still full of water from rainy season.

Hole Dos -  Big limb over tee box will fall any time. Too high to cut so cross on the fingers it fall at night when no golfer there.

Hole Tres - Kids from neighborhood ride motobike on green at night and leave a big tracks. I tell Señor Bevins and he say he kill them. I laugh when he say it but he not laugh back. 

Hole Cuatro - Mom and baby deer carcass still there. just off green by gravel road. It smell so bad. Poor little guys hit by fed ex man Senor Eric Martin. Margarite say venison still probably ok so I take them home when CPG give me my truck back.

Hole Cinco - Porto O’ Johnny still lay on it side (sigh). Been a long time now. Grass grow so high around that I almost forget about it haha. Es ok to pee in trees.

Hole Seis - Old shopping cart still stuck in mud next to green. from Price Chopper across street? How it get there we still wonder? . Mud so hard like cement on road. It so stuck we laugh about it now. We call it ’shopping cart hole’!

Hole Siete - Snapping turtle family lay eggs in bonker. I think Mr. Turtle like sand and water home. I see him sun bathe on green last other day. Es a good life.

Hole Ocho - Tee box, fairway and green all gone. Gone gone gone. We put up sign that say “temporary hole” but temporary hole no better. I see golfer just skip this hole. 

Hole Nueve- Good news clover gone! Bad news everything mud.

Hole Diez - I don’t know why but green shrinking. Fringe now really big and green now really small. Not like that years ago.  Who knows?

Hole Once - Bad smell in creek still. We dump chemicals on cinco and it run down and stop here. Even big rain don’t wash away. I feel bad for fish but they can swim to new home and live better. 

Hole Doce - Es probably best hole. Member complain about smell on hole once for many time but hole doce? Not so much.

Hole Trece - Es not so bad

Hole Catorce - This hole have 4 greens now. We make temporary green for regular green but it go bad so we make a temporary green for temporary green but mole family live there now so we do another temporary green. Spray paint circle faded and I  can’t see it very well but we paint again in springtime! 

Hole Quince - Last summer I spray Roundup in stripe pattern and it pay off. Look like checkerboard now. 

Hole Dieciseis - A kids from neighborhood poop in the cup. I bet they get good laugh but not so funny for Miguel. 

Hole Diecisiete - I scalp green last July and it never come back. CPG say Miggy! make green fast for the member and his guest tournament but I go too far. Maybe it come back but it take a miracle. 

Hole Dieciocho - Old carpet on ladies tee box finally getting bad. It smell when it gets wet but it better than mud. Girls say "put sod there Miggy!" but water hose wont reach. They don’t know a lot about turf LOLOLOLOLOL. 

OK? That is my report and what? it is the New Year is here! Have it ready to golf because warm weather for golf will be here soon. Before YOU know it will!

The best from: Miguel Vega




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