Staff Meeting Minutes - August 14, 2019

August 14, 2019

Date: Wednesday, August 14, 2019, 8:00 a.m. - 8:36 a.m.

Location: Staff Lounge

Chairperson: Chip Kennedy, General Manager

In Attendance:

Darrel Bevins, Head Course Marshal

Club Pro Guy, Head Golf Pro

Miguel Vega, Head Groundskeeper

DeAndre Barnes, Snack Bar Head Cook

Anastasia Adams, Beverage Cart Attendant


Ernesto Ortiz, Assistant Groundskeeper (Meeting DirecTV technician at CPG’s condo)

Tristan Whiteside, Assistant Golf Pro (Ran out of gas on way to work)

  1. Review of previous minutes

Mr. Kennedy began the meeting by attempting to give an update on the status of the club’s late summer agenda and action items, but was interrupted by CPG who said he had an important matter to discuss.

  1. Urgent Course Conditions Update

CPG commandeered the meeting and began berating Mr. Vega about what he called extreme and even unfair conditions on the golf course as it related to last Thursday's Men's league event. Mr. Kennedy urged CPG to limit his use of profanity, but was largely ignored. CPG had several grievances but was particularly upset about the firmness of the temporary greens and the fact that the white tees were tipped out at over 6,200 yards.

Miguel was visibly shaken and attempted to place all of the blame on his new intern Alejandro who was never trained on how to operate any of the mowing equipment. 

Mr. Bevin's attempted to bring down the temperature in the room by asking CPG if this matter might be better handled by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials. After an awkward silence, CPG said that wouldn't be necessary and reminded Darrel that in the wake of last week's debacle with Homeland Security regarding the Portuguese family, he is not authorized to contact any government agency without prior approval from CPG or Mr. Kennedy.

CPG and Miguel shook hands after CPG issued a stern warning, challenging Mr. Vega to improve course conditions. Miguel then began to weep.

Action: Vega

  1. Thursday Men’s League Update

CPG raised serious concerns about Betty Simmons as it relates to her recent performance in Thursday Night Men's league. CPG requested Mr. Kennedy launch a formal investigation into potential handicap manipulation violations, claiming that Betty's top 3 finish in each of the last two weeks was suspicious.

Darrel interjected that on more than one occasion he has observed Betty walk two or three yards in front of the mats on the driving range to retrieve a few "extra" range balls after she had hit her allotted amount and suggested to the group that offense alone might be enough to solve our "Betty problem".

Mr. Kennedy disagreed and moved on to the next topic.

Action: Kennedy

  1. Operation Back to School

Mr. Bevins updated the staff on his successful “back to school” offensive, saying he apprehended three trespassers in the previous week. One student was given an in-school suspension, while two others were booked into weekend supervision at a juvenile detention center for possession of marijuana. A fourth fled on foot and is considered to be at-large. Mr. Bevins has been working with a retired newspaper cartoonist on a composite sketch.

Action: Bevins

  1. Member-Guest updates

CPG has asked Mr. Kennedy for a meeting with club attorneys to begin litigation proceedings against Frank Stone Mitsubishi over the matter of the Member-Guest goody bags, which has cost the club $374 dollars. CPG is refusing to pay for the goody bags and is waiting on next steps with Tom Billington Kia to cover the costs of the goody bags. Mr. Kennedy urged CPG to move on and continue working on tournament logistics, rather than use valuable club resources on a small claims court legal fees. Mr. Barnes suggested the club contact Judge Joe Brown to settle the matter. CPG agreed. Mr. Kennedy tabled the matter.

Action: CPG

  1. Closing remarks

The Chairperson noted the contentious nature of the meeting, urging employees to read his “17 stress reducing techniques to use in the workplace” email he sent early last week. He reiterated his disappointment, but was cut off by CPG who left the meeting hurriedly.

  1. Next meeting

Wednesday, August 21, 8 a.m.

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