TNML Recap - Week 5

September 04, 2020


At this point in the season, fatigue seems to be setting in for a lot of players in the league, even our most notorious sandbaggers are struggling to play to their handicaps. But it’s those players who really put in the work in the offseason, (posting laughably inflated scores) who are likely to rise to the top in the coming weeks. Here are the league standings thru Week 5 (Top 10 only) along with a few of this week’s notable results.

Position              Player                       Points

     1                 Vikram Kothery                 440

     2                 L'Jarius Cotton III              427

     3                Jerry Brownlow                 410

     4                 Gil Dareberry                     390

     5                 Club Pro Guy                    365

     6                 Stan Perry                         327

     7                 Shelby Clayman               320

     8                 Cathy Spunt                     316

     9                 Harmony                          289

     10               TJ Kirk                             270


Vikram Kothery v. Cathy Spunt – Vikram posted a 47 (net 37) DESPITE taking an emergency call from the office regarding a Ransomware Cyber security breach. I think his ability to multi-task shows how dialed in Vikram is at this point in the season. Plus, he's bombing it. In my view he has established himself as the frontrunner midway through the season. Cathy's TNML fortunes continue to fade as once again her husband Frank was a no-show. I feel like the clock has struck midnight on Team Spunt.

Stan Perry v. TJ Kirk – Stan may have winterized his pool early but his golf game is still open for business. I heard anecdotal reports from Anastasia and Darrel that the play in this pairing was excellent. I had to do a double-take when I saw the card. These guys would have been just one over on their best ball. Scary.

Edna Frank v. Gil Dareberry – Something special about our club is that we usually have two or three groups waiting on all of our par-3’s. This is great place for our members to socialize. During one of these waits, our head marshal Darrel Bevins happened to notice Edna experiencing a light coughing fit. As a precaution, he placed her back in the high-risk category, so she can expect another surprise Coronavirus test in the coming days. Edna hacked her way to a net 43 that featured 7 double bogeys. As always.....Gil's gonna Gil. Another strong net 40 puts him in a nice position on the points list midway through the campaign.

Club Pro Guy v. Chas Dustin – Despite the big number I put up I felt I did more “right” than “wrong” out there. After the round I did a quick calculation – if I could take back six swings, I would have shot two over. That’s how close I am right now.

Gwan Kung v. Trudy Wellington – I think if I had to choose the biggest underachiever at the midway point of the season, it would have to be Gwan. He's yet to break 50 (net) and is by far the most deliberate player in the league. Given his nationality, I expected more. A lot more. Trudy is struggling as well. Her short game is as good as ever, but 2,600 yards from the ladies tees is proving to be a lot to ask. Sadly, she doesn't have the distance to keep up with other women in the league like Edna Frank and Cathy Spunt. Is her short game enough? Time will tell.



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