CPG's Weekend Picks 9/12

September 11, 2020



Every once in a while a game just jumps off the page. That's what happened Thursday night as the Chiefs (-9) cruised to an easy victory and put me solidly in positive territory for the year. It made me wonder why I ever stopped gambling in the first place? Let's keep it rolling this weekend.

Full disclosure: I'm flush with cash right now. I sold out a junior clinic which I had to cancel after I suspected this runny nosed kid had the ‘rona. Thanks to my strict “no refunds” policy, I walked away with a cool $400 which I consider “free” money, so I’m firing away this weekend. 

As you all know, I didn’t become a great punch-out player by accident, I put in countless hours of practice in the trees adjacent to the driving range. Thanks to Covid, many college football teams cancelled spring practice. This week I’m picking two teams who bravely put their student athletes at risk and practiced during the epidemic and are playing against teams that didn't have spring ball.

Give me $250 on Coastal Carolina +6.5 (15 practices) over Kansas (0 practices) and $150 on Louisville -12 (7 practices) over Western Kentucky (0 practices).

All my attention Sunday will be on Jacksonville +8. Thanks to Covid, Jacksonville is limiting the stadium to 25% capacity. NFL players are creatures of habit and I think the Jags will be very comfortable playing a home game with no one there to cheer them on.

For years we were told that Las Vegas could never have an NFL team because the mob would corrupt the players. I’ll buy it. I’m taking Carolina +3 over the Las Vegas Raiders for $50.

Lastly, savvy gamblers know the fastest way to build your bankroll is a multi-team parlay, the more legs the better! In this week’s 'Quick 9' parlay, give me the Eagles -5.5, Tampa plus 3.5, Primoz Rozlic to win the Tour de France, Chargers/Bengals over 41.5, Seahawks/Falcons over 49, Bills -6.5, UTEP +43, FSU -13 and the Dallas Cowboys over 13.5 in the first half. I’m wagering $100 to win $36,100.

Remember, money won is way sweeter than money earned.

Good luck everybody.

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