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July 21, 2019

Hey guys <3

Anastasia here with my first EVER feature blog "Ask Anastasia". CPG thought this would be a good way to utilize my downtime during slow times and bad weather (yuck). It will cut into my SnapChat time, but it has always been my dream to be like the Oprah of cart girls so I can’t wait. We get a ton of member mail at the pro shop and I thought I’d answer y’all’s questions when I can. If you want to ask me anything ;) just email me at


Dear Anastasia,

My girlfriend wants to move in with me, but we’ve been dating less than a year. I’m worried this is moving too fast? What do you think?

Shane T., Houston, TX

Hi Shane! That is so cute. I love when guys want to take things slow. It’s a real sign of maturity. My last boyfriend Logan refused to let me move in with him after I got busted for identity theft (oops). He said that we were moving too fast, but I gave him an ultimatum and we signed a lease two weeks later at this fab downtown two­ bed one bath condo.

Unfortunately, Logan and I grew apart quickly after we signed the lease, he claimed I was “unorganized” and "unfaithful".

This all came to a head when I quit my job at Sport Clips due to creative differences with my assistant manager. Thankfully, my friend Teagan’s uncle Saquon had a job opening at his Cross Fit gym for a receptionist and we started spending a lot of time together. I think Logan got jealous of Saquon and that was the string that broke the camel’s back.

If you move in together, be supportive of your woman and don’t get insecure if she starts spending time with people who can help her with her career! You got this, honey.

Hi Anastasia,

I think my girlfriend of two years is cheating on me. She’s traveling a lot for work with her boss and she’s been staying late at the office lately. Her boss, Travis, drives a BMW and he texts her a lot. I’m worried that she’s running around on me behind my back. What do I do?

Tim K., Sacramento, CA

Awww I’m sorry, Tim :(  No one likes a cheater, but understand that if a woman cheats on you it’s because you’re not fulfilling her the way she needs to be fulfilled and it probably isn’t her fault. What did you get her for her birthday? Do her friends like you? Is her boss hot? Is she mad at her mom?

Most importantly, do NOT accuse her of cheating. A woman has to be free to disclose her infidelity on her terms. The wound from a failed relationship can heal, but a reputation as a cheater is a scarlet letter that a woman will carry for the rest of her life. Think about her needs and the rest will fall into place.

Dear Cart Girl,

I am going on a date with a girl I met on Hinge. Her name is Britney and she’s a 31 ­year­ old nurse with two kids. She’s easily the hottest girl I’ve ever gone out with and I really want to impress her. How do I knock her socks off on our first date?

Greg B., Plano, TX

Awww! Someone has butterflies! Sooooo adorable. The first date is so important. It sets the tone for a relationship and can rly ignite the flames of passion to the point where she just can’t resist you and will consider sleeping with you on the first date.

Here’s how I picture my first date with you, Greg:

You set reservations at a super posh restaurant at 8pm on a Friday and tell me you’ll pick me up at 7:30.

I’m 15 minutes late and you’re stressing out about getting to the restaurant on time, but my inattentiveness and lack of respect for your time is quirky and makes me irresistible to you.
You open the door for me and have Khalid softly playing in the background as you politely avoid asking me questions while I text my friends about your car.

We arrive 10 minutes late for our reservation and have to sit at the bar. I order a margarita. You get a beer. Men drinking beer is so sexy.

You ask me about my life, where I went to college, ask me about my toy goldendoodle (Drake), and don’t get annoyed when I start flirting with the hot bartender. It’s a habit lol!

We get dinner. I order something super expensive, so you know I’m worth it. You order a steak, medium rare.

Do NOT bring up if I like kids. I have an IUD and kids gross me out. Next.  I eat about 3 bites of my dinner and don’t ask for a box. This shows you that I care about my body and want to look good.

You pay the tab and we head to a swanky, dimly lit bar close to my apartment where we can talk some more.

I keep ordering drinks and make you think you have a chance, brushing my foot across your leg as we flirt.
You pay the bar tab and I say we can walk back to my apartment.

I kiss you on the cheek as I head inside, leaving you wanting more in the hallway as I shut the door.

Once you leave I go out with my friends and ignore your text telling me you had a great time.

I don’t text you back for three days and then explain to you that I had a crazy week at work, but I had a lot of fun!

That’s a recipe for love. Don’t get too nervous, treat her like a lady and don’t set your expectations too high!

Kisses, Anastasia


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