Course Conditions Report: Winter

February 01, 2021


Happy 2021 to you the member from me. Miguel. has been busy. Many winters are very icey and cold and I get to blame bad grass in summer on bad winter. and people say Its OK Miggy, not your fault" because winter was so bad.  but this winter not as bad so I need new excuse. but we will see?

Here are conditions now.

Hole Uno

Brown, brown, brown. Mud, mud, mud. Repeat. Fairway:mud. We add sand.

Hole Dos

Grocery cart in middle of fairway. From where? We do not know. Sell on the Facebook.

Hole Tres

Ball washer by lady tee fall over. I prop up with sand bags

Hole Cuatro

I think we have a sinkhole over here, but CPG say it could be a blessing in the skies because we just turn into a pond.

Hole Cinco

Is okay.

Hole Seis

Another cart stuck in the mud. Ernesto and I push and push and push. No move. Senor Bevin say he has a jaws of live and can remove next week.

Hole Siete

Big brown snow pile in bonker still not melt. The BIG piles always take longest.

Hole Ocho

Best hole. No problems.

Hole Nueve

City snow plow run over from parking lot onto green. Now we have tire track all over green. We fix with sand and stomping boots when ground thaw.

Hole Diez

Sun finally melt snowman Ernesto build. Only empty tall boy Tecate left. We see you again soon, snowman.

Hole Once

Still don’t know what to do with big leaf pile. It covered in snow, then melt, then freeze. Now a giant dirty ice block. We wait.

Hole Doce

We fill in hole and forget where we put it, so we just guess.

Hole Trece

Oh boy. Mice all over and don't know why. They make home in irrigation box. Alejandro say he bring his cousins flamethrower.

Hole Catorce

Hill facing highway still say “TRUMP 2020” in dead grass. Senor Bevin say “May it stand for one thousand year.”

Hole Quince

The Manager General Senor Kennedy say we hire photographer (his nephew) for course picture for GOLFNOW. We run out of green paint, but it look okay.

Hole Dieciseis

Chemical Alejandro dump in pond in October still there. Need more rain to make smell go away. Hope fish make home in deep water for now!

Hole Diecisiete

We cut grass too short in the fall, now tee box gone. I have just guess since November.

Hole Dieciocho

Need to get broke down lawnmower off left side of fairway. Over there since Thanksgiving. We figure it out soon.

Okay. See you.








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