CPG Shares How to Master the Short Putts

July 08, 2018

CPG Shares How to Master the Short Putts


We've all been there.  A great effort for par slides a foot past the hole.  Sadly, because you were so intoxicated watching the putt roll, you foolishly missed your chance to quick-rake it.  Now you're forced to convert the come-backer the old fashioned way. This is no time to get overwhelmed, simply follow these tried and true tips and make worrying about these knee-knockers a thing of the past.

1.  The Alex Trabek - This is a no-brainer and should always be the first option any time you face a putt like this.  Just ask for it.  Simply look one of your playing competitors dead in the eyes and say "Do you need to see that?"  This technique works 70-80% of the time.  The reality is that most competitors are non-confrontational by nature and will allow you to pick it up just to avoid an awkward moment.  This is especially true of female competitors.  In last week's mixed "Beat the Pro" event, I had a lady in my group allowing me to pick up 8-footers all day long.  All I had to do was ask.

2.  The Prince Harry - This method is slightly riskier but has a very high success rate.  As your putt misses the cup and comes to a stop, begin a profanity laced tirade loud enough to be heard 3 fairways away.  The key is to really embarrass yourself.  Meanwhile, like a polo player on a horse, wind up and violently smack the ball off of the green with your putter (preferably in the direction of your golf cart) as you walk off the green in disgust.  By doing this, you're giving your playing competitors a powerful non-verbal cue that you believed the putt was good and that you're so pissed right now that nobody better question it.  (*For the advanced Prince Harry, take a chunk out of the green.)

3.  Diggin for Gold - Your par putt slides by and you immediately attempt the Alex Trabek with no luck.  OK fine, time to dig for gold.  Announce to the group that you're electing to mark it.  As you reach in to your pocket to grab your mark, begin fumbling as if you can't grasp and/or find the mark.   The more theatrical you get about it the better.  Don't be afraid to let tees and divot repair tools etc literally fall out of your pocket as you struggle for the elusive mark.  Just when you think its gone on a ridiculously long amount of time, begin the process in the other pocket.  Trust me, 9 times out of 10 one of your competitors will finally say "F*CK IT, pick it up!"

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