CPG Staff Meeting Minutes: November 20th, 2019

November 20, 2019

Date: Wednesday, November 20, 2019, 8:00 a.m. - 8:42 a.m.

Location: Staff Lounge

Chairperson: Chip Kennedy, General Manager

In Attendance:
Darrell Bevins, Head Course Marshal
Club Pro Guy, Head Golf Pro
Miguel Vega, Head Groundskeeper
DeAndre Barnes, Snack Bar Head Cook
Anastasia Adams, Beverage Cart Attendant

Ernesto Ortiz, Asst Groundskeeper (cashing CPG's winning scratchers tickets)
Tristan Whiteside (dogsitting for girlfriend)

1. Accounting Issues

Mr. Kennedy opened the meeting with an urgent request for each department to take another look at their October financial reporting as the clubs books are woefully unbalanced. In particular, the finances for the beverage cart were in complete disarray. Mr. Kennedy questioned why all transactions were in cash and noted there was an alarming decrease in reported revenue despite a sharp increase in costs.

As everyone at the table turned to Anastasia, she said she felt threatened by the accusation and then wondered aloud why she was the only woman employed by the club. She then asked Mr. Kennedy if he realized that at any moment of her choosing, she could call his wife (or the authorities) and accuse him of unwanted sexual advances in the bag room and everyone would believe her. As the room sat in stunned silence, Anastasia resumed playing Candy Crush on her phone.

Miguel then spoke up and confessed that the monthly reporting requirement was difficult for him to comply with because he doesn't understand what all the little numbers and boxes on the financial paperwork represent. Miguel then proposed to Mr. Kennedy that instead of using credit, he would feel much more comfortable 'bartering' for all of the clubs maintenance supply needs going forward. When Mr. Kennedy asked what that would entail, Miguel said the club would need to make a small investment in livestock.  After an awkward silence, Mr. Kennedy moved on to the next topic.

2. Black Friday Sale
CPG has mapped out an action plan for the pro shop’s Black Friday sale and is anticipating a huge rush of holiday shoppers that day, so much so that he has tasked Mr. Bevins to run security for the event. The chairperson noted that it is in the club’s best interest to keep Mr. Bevins busy during the offseason. CPG agreed.

In addition to huge savings on apparel, CPG has put several additional items on sale, including a Michelob Light branded Hogan staff bag that has been in the pro shop for several seasons. It was a leftover door prize from the 2013 Spooktacular Scramble that went unclaimed.

Other sales include 10% off all club-branded Cutter & Buck and Bermuda Sands polos, leftover khaki hats from the 2016 member/guest will be on sale for $20.00, and the practice facility will be offering $5 monster buckets of limited flight range balls that day as well.

Action: CPG

3. Black Friday Security Measures
Mr. Bevins thanked CPG for appointing him as his “commerce czar” for Black Friday, giving him carte blanche authority to secure the shop and surrounding areas before, during and after the sale.

Darrel outlined his plan to place 4 infrared cameras in high traffic areas around the shop as well as 3 'high-definition' cameras in the men's and ladies restrooms respectively. Mr. Bevins acknowledged that restrooms can be a sensitive area to conduct surveillance but reminded the group that bathroom stalls are a notorious breeding ground for shoplifters. In an effort to alleviate any potential civil liberty concerns, Darrel has set these cameras to only be activated by motion sensors and assured those in attendance that only himself, Miguel and Ernesto will be authorized to view the footage.

Action: Bevins

4. Course Maintenance Update
Mr. Vega regretfully informed the staff that his grounds crew has been reduced to their offseason hours. Ernesto, Alejandro and the rest of the crew are now limited to 25 hours per week at the request of club leadership. Mr. Vega had to compose himself as he glared at Mr. Kennedy, stating that there is plenty to be done around the grounds. The maintenance shed needs to be repainted, both temporary port-a-johns are close to overflowing and territorial geese have taken over four holes on the back nine, despite Mr. Bevins killing seven in the last week. 

Mr. Vega urged staff members to contact Ernesto and other grounds crew members for any manual labor or snow removal projects they may come up. He said that if they could not be reached on their burner phones, to try stopping by the Lowe’s parking lot off Highway 40.

Mr. Vega then subtly implied that he is thinking about speaking to a union lawyer about the reduction of work hours, to which Mr. Kennedy replied he is thinking about performing extensive employee background checks, effectively closing the matter.

Action: Vega

5. Closing Remarks
Mr. Kennedy reminded the staff (other than Anastasia) to audit their books and report back to him immediately. He then closed the meeting by reading an excerpt from “How To Win at the Sport of Business” by Mark Cuban.

6. Next Meeting
Wednesday, November 27th, 8 a.m.

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