Club Newsletter - March

February 18, 2018


CPG's "View From the Golf Shop" - Spring is just around the corner!  Lots of things happening here at the club as we prepare to make 2018 one of our best years yet.  Let's get started!

1) You may have noticed on your January bill that the yearly driving range fee has increased from $99 to $499. This much needed increase covers many new range improvements such as rotating our current mats and the purchase of 2,000 new limited flight range balls from the "beat to hell" collection. No more excuses folks, let's commit to more practice in 2018! 

2) Groupon sales have been brisk over the winter so expect weekend tee times to be nearly impossible to get this spring.  In order to generate instant revenue, the club has blocked off Saturday and Sunday AM tee times to Groupon holders only. If you have any issues with that, please call our GM Chip Kennedy.

3)  The golf staff has been busy revamping and refreshing the tournament schedule for 2018.  However, after several meetings and brainstorming sessions we decided it was a huge headache and just decided to leave everything as is.  We basically just "cut and pasted" all of the 2017 events and stuck them on the 2018 calendar.  Enjoy!

4)  By now you've probably heard that I am no longer on staff with Lynx Golf.  Many of you are rightfully concerned that this will affect my quality array of product offerings in the shop.  Let me assure you, I am as committed as ever to giving you, the member, the finest equipment at the highest margins possible. Was losing my staff deal with Lynx a blow?  Sure.  But I already have some exciting new relationships developing.  I hesitate to give away too much info now because I'm still finalizing the deal, but I have two words for 2018.....Nike. Sasquatch.  

Now, on to some exciting personnel news.......


 - Darrel Bevins


We are thrilled to announce that we have hired Darrel Bevins to manage our on-course Marshal team.  Darrel comes to us highly recommended and his background in dealing with confrontation should lead to pace of play improvements and strict 90 degree cart enforcement.  Darrel has spent the last 19 months at Ft. Leavenworth for a 'road rage' conviction that included pistol whipping a student driver for cutting him off in a Target parking lot.  Darrel is a very strong believer in beverages being purchased in the clubhouse as well as all issues regarding pace of play.  If you want to get to know Darrel really well, try playing a sixsome.  Please join me in welcoming Darrel to the team!

In other HR news, the process of replacing our 2017 beverage cart girl Serenity is difficult but ongoing.  I urge you, the membership, to forward me photos of any single female that you feel may be qualified.  It is my hope to have someone fully vetted and hired by mid-May at the latest.

Now, a word from our head greenskeeper Miguel.


 - Miguel Vega

"Minutos with Miguel" - It been muy cold, no? Burrr? Muchos snow on golfers course now.  No mas golf today, oh well!  Trees fall down, we pick up no? Golfer greens missing many grass last year to be sure say many.  I get team to make grass in spring you will see!  Sun, rain make good grass for golfers I know this.  Many worries about cart paths 2018.  Very bad.  Precaucion!  Many friends cross border now.  Will be soon here to make grass good for all.

Now message from the Manager General, senior Chip.


- Charles "Chip" Kennedy

"Chats with Chip"  (Chip Kennedy, General Manager) - Thanks Miguel.  Ahh, Spring is in the air!  Can you feel it?  It's the season of renewal!  The club is buzzing with preparation and anticipation for the upcoming season.  Can I take a moment to tell you how much me and my team appreciate you, the members?  Thank You!  Now, a few notes on the upcoming season:

1) Dues increase - You may have noticed a 15% dues increase on your latest billing statement.  I can't really point to any specific capital improvement or increased service level to explain or justify the increase but the decision to increase was made none the less.  Thanks for your support!

2)  Dress code - We will be enforcing the dress code much more aggressively this season.  Shirts will now be REQUIRED for all members on weekends and during all club sponsored tournaments including the Club Championship and Member/Guest.  Our on-course marshal team led by Darrel Bevins has been briefed on these new requirements and stand ready to enforce them by any means necessary. 

3) Membership - We lost 33 members over the winter due to resignations but were able to pick up 3 new members for a total of (net) minus 30.  To make up for this loss of revenue, we have decided to increase our number of corporate outings and charity scrambles to five (5) per week.  This is a great opportunity to showcase our club to members of the community who otherwise wouldn't be exposed to it.  It's a win-win!  We realize this will drastically limit your access to the golf course but as always, we appreciate your understanding.  Let's make 2018 our best year yet!

I'll see you at the club!

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