February 23, 2018

ClubProGuy Joins Strata Tour Staff

Mexican Mini Tour Semi-Legend to Play Strata’s New Box Set of Woods, Irons and Mallet Putter

CARLSBAD, Calif., Feb 23, 2018 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Strata Golf (NYSE:ELY) announced today it has entered into a multi-month contract with one of the most accomplished golfers in the history of the Mexican Mini Tour, Club Pro Guy (@ClubProGuy). Terms of the agreement were not disclosed. 

Club Pro Guy will play Strata’s new nine-piece “box” set consisting of three woods (driver, fairway wood, hybrid), five irons (including one wedge) and mallet putter; and Strata’s multi-colored BOOM! golf balls. 

“The set makeup is ideal for Club Pro Guy, who is well-known for his ability to manufacture multiple shots with a single club,” said Jason Finley, Strata’s Director of Brand Management. “Nine clubs is more than enough for him.”

“Less is often more,” said Club Pro Guy, “something I learned from my years on tour living on four dollars a day. In this case every Strata wood and iron is engineered to be fast and forgiving. The wedge is super versatile, and the putter rolls the ball beautifully. The performance of every club is fantastic, straight out of the box. And the ball is the longest I’ve ever played. If I’d had this Strata equipment in my prime there’s no telling how many cuts I would have made.”

Club Pro Guy’s accomplishments are well-documented. He burst onto the golf scene in 1988 with a second-place regional finish at the now defunct Oldsmobile Scramble. His subsequent Mexican Mini-tour career was highlighted by 17 cuts made over a span of 14 years, including three in a row, in 1998. Though a mediocre ball-striker at best, his legendary sideways punch-out game kept him consistently close to the cut-line in nearly every event. 

Best known for a torrid eight-hole par streak in 1997, additional career highlights include almost acing a par-three in 1993 and chipping in twice in a single round in 1994. Club Pro Guy was a fixture on the Mexican Tecate Cup team throughout the 90s, in which he compiled a 2-17-4 record. “He always got the loudest cheers from the opposing team’s fans,” a golf writer once noted.

“I’ve been a Strata fan for many years, so when they called I was immediately intrigued,” said Club Pro Guy. “I think this partnership is a fantastic fit. The fact that the clubs are sold everywhere, including online, gives them instant credibility, which is critical for me. The 460cc driver and cavityback irons will be game-changers. Carrying just one wedge will force me to be creative around the greens, but I love that challenge. I haven’t actually hit the clubs yet, but their marketing tagline ‘Designed for Maximum Performance Straight Out of the Box’ tells me all I need to know."

His mini tour days behind him, ClubProGuy is now the head professional at a semi-private golf club in the Midwest. Terms of the agreement require him to complement his large inventory of Tabasco / Chiliwear apparel with the full array of Strata box sets and Strata’s BOOM!, SMASH! and VooDoo distance balls.

The agreement also calls for Club Pro Guy to collaborate with Strata engineers to develop a new ball retriever design. “We can take retriever technology a lot farther, I’m sure of that,” he said. “We’re going to help golfers rescue a lot more balls, starting with me. And coming from a guy who’s worn out dozens of retrievers, we need to address durability.”

Though the Strata Tour Staff has been dormant for decades, the addition of Club Pro Guy is a harbinger of positive things to come. “This is a signal to the golf world that Strata is committed to building one of the game’s most…interesting…Tour staffs,” said Jason Finley, Strata’s Director of Brand Management.  

"Strata’s product team has a singular focus – package everything you need to play great golf in a single, exquisitely designed cardboard box,” said Harry Arnett, SVP, Marketing, Callaway/Strata Golf. “Our search for a player who represents Strata’s dedication to a one-stop shop for maximum performance, right out of the box, which is our tag-line by the way -- and said completely, coincidentally and organically in an extremely unforced way in this press release – made Club Pro Guy the obvious choice to represent the Strata brand. We’ve followed him on Twitter for years, and though many of his own members have blocked him, we hang on his every word. We’re elated to add this accomplished and colorful player to the Strata team. It helped that he had no other offers to choose from."

In addition to playing Strata equipment and aiding R&D efforts, Club Pro Guy will display a Strata logo on both sides of his hat as well as a Strata bumper sticker on his ’03 Miata, and his girlfriend Tawny will have a Strata vamp stamp tattooed to her lower back.

Find out more about Club Pro Guy at

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