Miguel Course Conditions Report - Semana 3 de septiembre de 2019

September 03, 2019

Buen dia,

Sorry delay. Senor Bevin shooting give Ernesto como se dice PTSD. We have nine cerveza last night.

Numero Uno

I clean up shell casings from Senor Bevin. Still smell gunpowder. Ernesto say it remind him of home in Juarez. Tough week for him.

Numero Dos

Got rid of the big mice. Tried to drown them but Senor Bevin brought fake owl from home to scare off big mice. It is working.

Numero Tres

Find Alejandro smoking mota over here in drainpipe again. I give a warning. This why I was gone for two hours last Thursday.

Numero Quatro

Sprinkler broke again. Try wrench instead of hammer. Good now.

Numero Cinco

Was too dry but now is too wet. Fairway very mushy. I lose a shoe.

Numero Seis

New grass coming in nice. Sprinkler no reach where new grass is growing so Ernesto and me take melted ice from old coolers and put on. Working.

Numero Siete

Rail on big hill broken. Two cart go over. No one hurt.

Numero Ocho

Best hole. All good.

Numero Nueve

Pipe not clog anymore but now hornets are back. Look out!

Numero Diez

So many mosquito. We call Mosquito Joe and he take care of it but don’t come until Friday.

Numero Once

Senor Munninghoff above grown pool broke and spill everywhere. CPG come yell at him and call him “white trash”.

Numero Doce

No crow problem in long time.

Numero Trece

Have to make temporary green since fire on green last week cause by cigar.

Numero Catorce

Bonker in bad shape still. Goose don’t leave. So much mierde.

Numero Quince

Second cut too thick because of all rain. Clog mower. Alejandro fix but almost lost finger.

Numero Dieciseis

Green look so good after Ernesto friend Tito finally answer email about how to fix crack problem. Good job Ernesto.

Numero Diecisiete

Gas can spill on green and kill grass but it on side of hill and no one can see.

Numero Dieciocho

Snake problem back. Ernesto buy extra shovel for snake hunt.



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