Miguel Course Conditions Report - Semana 8 de octubre de 2019

October 08, 2019

Buen dia,

Golfing course look so beautiful with the orange and brown in tree. Now it happen by natural cause. Burr! Cold on way now. Soon be no more golfing game for you.

Numero Uno

Ernesto put espooky skeleton on bench by tee box. He laugh, but senor Bevin tell him it not real enough and won’t scare nobody. He said he know where to find real skeleton.

Numero Dos

Sewer pipe explode. Smell so bad. Pour bleach everywhere. Grass will be dead soon so no problem.

Numero Tres

I put pumpkin next to tee box for a happy halloween. Player seem to like.

Numero Quatro

Already leaf falling from big tree. Spend whole afternoon with rake, but Ernesto keep jumping into pile.

Numero Cinco

More mushy. We take mulch from flower bed and cover. Resource.

Numero Seis

Grass growing again! But now mole tear up green and fairway. We gas it out. Hole closed now. Golfing players complain only 17 holes on course now but it so close 18 holes no? 

Numero Siete

Bad smell coming from above grown pool next to fairway. Quizas more dead squirrel

Numero Ocho

Me gusta el ocho.

Numero Nueve

Senor Barnes fire at hot dog cook out do big damage. Grass all black still. We use green spray paint but it look worse.

Numero Diez

Need temporary green for the temporary green again. I talk to CPG. 

Numero Once

Repair rail on steps for big hill. Put big sign on for warning. Says “NO!”

Numero Doce

Crow back, could be a spooky theme for halloween?

Numero Trece

Find old pool chair on this hole for no reason! Sell on facebook.

Numero Catorce

Fairway bonker full of leaf. We run mower over and mulch in.

Numero Quince

Port-of-the-potty fall over.  Blue water and the smell everywhere. Spray paint and bleach again. Alejandro sleep there for 2 nights because his new girlfriend have too many kids

Numero Dieciseis

Hole placement bad. We have to dig up and do over. We mess up and do over again. Hope no one notice.

Numero Diecisiete

Lines on green from hydraulic leak so bad. So Alejandro do same leak in other direction to give checker pattern. Better no?

Numero Dieciocho

Como se dice “crabgrass.”



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