Miguel Course Conditions Report: Fall Edition

September 01, 2020



Hola. Is fall? Could be! The heat and then break. Miguel is so happy golfing course is now “stack to the tits” every end of week like CPG say.

This mean course maintain es muy importante. Weather so good people want to be the golf all the time. We let them!

I go through all hole now ok?

Numero Uno

Rain make a big sloppy puddle in middle of fairway. We cover with sand. No work. Then saw dust. No work. Then we call “Big Mike” from the gravel company and he fix.

Numero Dos

Tee box covered in broken tee. We use shop-vac.

Numero Tres

Senors Bevin and Brubaker replace Senor Kennedy's Black Life Matter sign with sign that say “America: Deal With It” sign.

Numero Cuatro

Still imprint from yeti cooler on tee box from Tom Billington Kia scramble last month. Grass turn yellow. Spray paint work for now.

Numero Cinco

How the tree already dead! Ernesto try to cut it down, but it worse. Wood chip everywhere.

Numero Seis

Is it sand bonker or grass bonker? We need to decide!

Numero Siete

Senor Perry drain pool after CPG accident going numero dos. It all come on fairway. Good news: chlorine from pool clean out smell from leaf rot.

Numero Ocho

We add fountain to big pond! Look great, but hope smell go away soon? Water is old. Still best hole.

Numero Nueve

Making the turn never look so good. Going to try to have two good hole on course. Senor Bevin joke that all man need is two good hole. We laugh.

Numero Diez

So many Snicker wrapper. How hard is to throw to trash? Mother Nature is cry.

Numero Once

Fill in bonker next to the green. Could not get weed problem under control.

Numero Doce

Temporary green not look so temporary any more.

Numero Trece

Tire in middle of fairway. Where from? We do not know.

Numero Catorce

Is okay.

Numero Quince

Geese taking over. Mierde everywhere. All day. Cannot control. Ask to borrow Senor Bevin shotgun.

Numero Dieciseis

Senor Bevin want to replace American flag flower garden with “thin blue line” flower garden.

Numero Diecisiete

Big rock out of nowhere? How this happen? Try to remove with Ernesto cousin truck. Made worse. Now big tire track in middle of fairway. May turn into bonker.

Numero Dieciocho

They say finish hole always special hole! Not here. Need to replace driving range net. Sagging so bad. No need to mow, grass not grow since May.

Okay. See you on at golf!

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