Weekend Round-Up BMW Championship

August 31, 2020


With the LPGA taking the week off to recover from Sophia Popov's huge win at the Open Championship, all eyes were on the BMW Championship, which once again showed us just how hard it is to play golf at an elite level. There’s no other way to explain Dustin Johnson’s performance over the past two weeks. Eight days ago he’s unstoppable, going 30 under and lapping the field and just a week later he chops his way to a -4 finish. It’s literally no different from me shooting a 39 one day and 47 the next. This game will test you.

If the PGA Tour wants to really grow the game, they should showcase what Jon Rahm did on Saturday, picking his ball up off the green without marking it and getting a one-stroke penalty. That's the kind of totally relatable, boneheaded play I see at my club every day. My members can't hit a 350 yard drive, can't spin a ball back, and they can't even find the clubface most of the time, but this kind of screw up reminds the fans that these guys are just like them. Great job Rahmbo!  

Tiger's disappointing play at Olympia Fields left him out of this week’s Tour Championship. Folks, it's officially time to hit the panic button on Big Cat’s putting. Don't get me wrong, Tigers' had an EXCELLENT career, but if he wants to cement his legacy it’s time for a big change and I’ll go ahead and say what everyone else is thinking – it’s time for Tiger to embrace the long putter. If he can roll it with the broomstick like Adam Scott, we could see another win or two on the big tour and a potentially dominant run on the Champions Tour in the future.  

This week we learned that Rory McIlroy's wife is pregnant with their first child and expecting any day. If they don't induce labor between now and the start of the Tour Championship I don't even know what we're doing here anymore. You can have 10 kids, but how many times can you play for $15 million dollars and a Tour Championship? Priorities, Rors.

I love Paul Azinger’s bold call during the broadcast that golf courses need more trees to challenge the top players. I’m all in. At my course untrimmed trees and overgrown roots are our best defense against players going low. Definitely want to see more of this on tour.   

Gotta call out the Golf Channel and the PGA Tour Champions for their lack of coverage this weekend. Phil Mickelson makes his debut and the fans don't see a single shot on TV?!? Between washing carts and folding shirts I checked out the Golf Channel on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and didn't see any live coverage from Phil's first win. You've got a nice product....SHOW IT!

This is a little inside baseball, but industry wide sales figures for golf equipment reached all time highs this summer. Gotta say my GM Chip Kennedy is going to have to eat some humble pie. I'm selling everything in sight - Tommy Armour irons, Strata drivers, Molitors (soft+), white belts, its all flying off the shelves. It’s vindication of my intimate knowledge of what today’s golf consumer wants and it feels pretty darn sweet! 

This week a college kid tied a world record by shooting a 16 under par 55. He can go to hell.

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