SWOT Analysis of Three Jack National

March 04, 2021

Future Prospective Members of Three Jack National,

In an ongoing effort towards full transparency and a commitment to building this club the "right" way, I just completed my initial SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis of the future site of Three Jack National, a Hank Jones Signature Design.

The property could not be more ripe. Earlier today as I stood in the morning fog atop a small pile of garbage on the south end of the property near what will soon be the first tee, the sun rose and revealed that the fog was not fog at all, but rather smoke emanating from the homeless encampment across the highway.

Walking the property before rush hour can best be described as nothing short of a spiritual experience. Other than the constant barrage of 18-wheelers barreling down I-35 and the intermittent police sirens answering domestic violence calls in the adjacent neighborhood, it was pure silence. I think I finally know what Mike Keiser must have felt like when he walked the property of what would one day become Bandon Dunes. 

The potential of this property is almost limitless. The next phase of its new lifecycle is our internal SWOT analysis. This is an opportunity for me to lay a strategic foundation for our new club and set us on a path to success that will help us realize our goal of becoming one of the top semi-private golf clubs in Western Missouri/Eastern Kansas.

In the interest of transparency, I hereby release my initial SWOT analysis of the site of Three Jack National.


  • The course has a natural downslope towards the ditch that lies between the East edge of the property and I-635. Drainage will not be an issue.
  • The busy highway traffic creates a natural wind flow. I have noticed that there is always a breeze no matter where I walk on the course.
  • The property is entirely covered in concrete due to the fact it was formerly a shopping mall. Much of this concrete can be repurposed for cart paths.
  • The course is situated 26 minutes from a major airport (MCI) as well as 12 minutes from a private airport (MKC) which will conveniently accommodate National Members whether coming in commercial or private.



  • Parking will be a major issue. I sent an exploratory letter to KDOT regarding our plan to have members park on the shoulder of the highway and walk down the embankment to an area around the 14th tee where they will then be "shuttled" to the clubhouse, but as of this writing that plan may not be feasible.
  • There is simply no room for a driving range or a practice facility at this time. As most of you know, the long range plan is to physically force all families from their homes in the nearby neighborhood via Imminent Domain. The problem is that this requires a ton of paperwork and it could be as many as 24 months before we can get all those homes bulldozed. For now, mats and nets will have to do. 
  • Due to space restrictions, the 18th green and the practice putting green may be one in the same.
  • The immediate surrounding area has one of the highest crime rates in the Kansas City metro area. Our head Marshal Darrel Bevins and his deputy Carl Brubaker have been tasked with instituting a 'Stop & Frisk' program for anyone loitering near the property.


  • The Harrah's Casino billboard near the potential site of the eighth hole provides excellent shade. This could be a great area for a “cool down zone” or halfway house during hot summer months.
  • There is an abandoned railroad track nearby the property that could potentially be a source of capital, should we need it. Our groundskeeper in-waiting (Miguel Vega) says he has a cousin who owns a salvage yard and he pays top dollar for I-beams.
  • There is an intriguing existing structure on the eastern side of the property. Darrel Bevins believes it was a cold war-era weapons depot, but upon further questioning, a woman who works at the nearby Methadone clinic confirmed to us that it is a temporary structure used by wealthy private school kids to free base cocaine on their way to Lacrosse practice. All it needs is some elbow grease and a generator. Could be a potential spot for a Comfort Station (which is all the rage these days at higher end clubs) once the course is up and running.  


  • Stray dogs 
  • Random gunfire
  • Environmental concerns (huge)
  • How thick is the parking lot concrete?
  • Property sits on the precise intersection of 3 different gang territories
  • Tax Audits

I cannot wait to welcome our members to Three Jack National very soon. With the help of Hank Jones and Miguel Vega, this sprawling lot will soon be transformed into a top-tier golf destination. It is my promise to each and every one of our future members that you will be given a first class experience and be proud to call Three Jack National home.


Club Pro Guy

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