Three Jack National (FAQ)

February 24, 2021

I'm humbled and overwhelmed by the response we've received from golfers all over the world regarding the announcement of Three Jack National, America's next great semi-private golf club. I have received so many questions on social media about the club that I can't possibly respond to all of them. So I decided to write up a few of the most popular questions and answer them here. 

1. The site is obviously incredible, how much dirt will have to be moved?

This is a question best suited for our course architect (Hank Jones), but I don't think I'm speaking out of turn when I say that his philosophy is to generally leave the land "as God made it". So I expect a very flat terrain that slopes gently toward the highway to remain a hallmark of the property and the overall design. 

2. Looking at the property, it seems like the Interstate is really close to the course. What impact will that have on the routing?

Based on Hank's initial sketches, the biggest challenge the highway presents is the tee ball on #1 (and possibly the approach on #14). Put simply, every time a player addresses their opening tee shot, motorists in the Northbound lanes of I-635 will be in clear and present danger. Netting along the property line has been discussed but I would rather have a 48 car pileup every 30 days than have to look at a giant net.

3. Can you describe Hank Jones' design philosophy in 5 words or less?

In-course OB and fountains

4. Speaking as someone who lives in the area, I can vouch for how special this property is, but there's no denying the fact that it's in a high crime area. Will security be an issue?

The first call I made after agreeing to take on this project was to my head Marshal Darrel Bevins and his deputy Carl Brubaker. I explained that we can build the greatest golf course in the world, but without security, nothing matters. Before I could even get that statement out of my mouth, Darrel was unlocking his gun cabinet.

Their commitment and resolve has surprised even me. Darrel is now sleeping on property (in his camper shell) and we haven't even broke ground yet. For Carl's part, he's been canvassing the adjacent neighborhood telling homeowners that he will (literally) kill anyone who so much as looks at the property. 

5. Miguels reputation speaks for itself, but the giant elephant in the room is the fact that he's never been involved in a new design and build like this. Are you confident he's up to the task?

This project faces a lot of challenges but Miggy's ability to manage the turf isn't one of them. I walked the property with him yesterday and he was already pointing out ideal spots for temporary greens. The guy is like 3 steps ahead of Hank already.

6. How do I join the club?

Sadly, if you have to ask to join the club, you're probably not getting in the club.

Here's the deal. This is a "players club", or what some might call a "big boy" club. I'm looking for members who know the game, respect the game, and can take it deep. Think of it as the Whisper Rock of the Midwest.....but NET. 

7. Is there Three Jack National merchandise available?

I bristle when I get that question because this is about golf, not merchandise. However, for those who think they might someday want to apply for a provisional membership, I have a commemorative #3JN t-shirt available on my website, but that's not our focus.

8. Is this course being built with Major Championships in mind?

The short answer is yes, I just wish we had a little more land. At 76 acres I'm not sure we have enough space to be considered a major championship venue at this time. As I mentioned in my press conference the other day, our medium range plan is to kick all the low-income families out of their houses through Eminent Domain, which should free up the land needed to handle the infrastructure requirements of the USGA or PGA/LPGA Tours. 

9. I'm a little confused, are you still at your current job?  

Yes, but I'm using the term "job" loosely. My plan is to do the absolute minimum here until 3JN is up and running. The financial arrangement with my partners (Jack, Jack and Jack) is complicated but basically I don't start getting paid until the membership is full, so I need to stay here as long as I can.

10. Will there be a prospectus circulated for those of us who are considering becoming Founding Members? I'm looking to make a substantial contribution.

Yes. Anastasia is working on this.  


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