TNML Player Profile: Stan Perry

July 24, 2020


In a league loaded with star power, no one shines brighter than last season's overall champion....Stan Perry. 

Let's get to know Stan.

Age: 56

Occupation:  Extended Warranty Sales at Dave Thomas Subaru

Nicknames:  Bagger, Bagger Vance, The Bag Boy, The Sand Bagger Man, Sand Perry, Perry of Arabia, FEMA Stan, Justine Reed's Husband, Stan "I don't turn in my low scores" Perry, Stan "I thought the pro shop posted it" Perry, Stan "why don't I have any friends" Perry, Stan "shop credit is more valuable than my character and reputation" Perry.

"Go To" Shot:  The intentional miss

Favorite Club:  The Callaway 'Epic' Driver that he's been demo-ing since April of 2018

Favorite On-Course Question:  "Do I pop here?", "Is that good?", "Do you need to see that?", "Does this shot matter?"

Favorite On-Course Phrase:  "I can't believe how well I'm playing", "I picked a good day to play well", "I played horrible in Jamaica with my wife but now I guess I've found it again", "All those terrible rounds I posted playing with my grandkids killed my index".

Best Shot Ever:  Fairway wood to 3 feet for a closing 3 net 1 to win the 2018 "C" Flight Club Championship by 21 shots.

Favorite Tour Player: Gary Player, Patrick Reed, Sung Kang

High Point:  Winning the 2020 TNML

Low Point:  Getting kicked out of the Men's Association at Minor Park, Eagles Landing GC, Heritage Park GC, Leawood South, River Oaks, Southview GC, Country Creek, Teetering Rocks, Sunflower, Hoots Hollow, Tiffany Greens and Shamrock Hills.

Prize Possession:  My above ground pool off #7

Goal for 2020:  Be a 21, play like a 12










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