TNML Update

October 04, 2020


In a Thursday Night Men's League season marked by Covid protocols, league newcomers, scandal and some overall great all comes down to this.

Heading into the final Thursday of the season, defending champion Stan Perry and yours truly find ourselves separated from the pack. Two heavyweights locked in an epic struggle not only for shop credit, but a chance to have our name etched on a plaque near the entrance to the supply closet.

Thursday can't get here fast enough.

Position Player Points
1 Stan Perry 1,270
2 ClubProGuy 1,270
3 Cathy Spunt 1,040
4 Gil Dareberry 1,012
5 Harmony 990
6 Vikram Kothery 970
7 L'Jarius Cotton III 965
8 Jerry Brownlow 870
9 Dan the UPS Man 823
10 Edna Frank 790




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