Top 9 Golf Twitter Accounts in 2019

December 18, 2019

Social media has totally changed the way golf fans enjoy the game. Unlike the old days when we were limited to watching a tournament on TV or reading about it in a golf magazine, today we have access to so much more.  

Whether it's superstar tour players who allow us "inside" their world, equipment manufacturers who give us a sneak peak at the latest technologies or talking heads that give expert opinion and analysis, Twitter has made being a golf fan so much more fun.

Very few people in the world follow the golf social media landscape closer than I do, which gives me the unique authority to rank the best ones.

So for the second year in a row, I'm unveiling my "Top 9 Twitter Accounts in Golf."

These are the undisputed 'movers and shakers' in the world of golf. These are individuals who day in and day out provide golf fans with the type of essential information they can't get anywhere else. If you aren't following these accounts, you simply aren't getting the most out of being a golf fan.  

Let's get on with the countdown.

9. Lynx Golf (@LynxGolfUSA)

With the recent departure from Callaway Golf of marketing guru Harry Arnett and his trusty sidekick "Hashtag" Chad Coleman, an opening has emerged for a new company to take over the title as "Best Social Media Account Among Golf Equipment Manufacturers". Not surprisingly, Lynx Golf has taken the baton and is running with it.....hard.

You need evidence? Look no further than this tweet that the social team at Lynx fired out on a recent Friday morning, setting golf twitter ablaze.

A lot of social media teams would have considered that tweet a "mic drop" moment and rested on their laurels, but the social team at Lynx Golf doubled down, and sent this tweet out a mere 72 hours later.

Lynx Golf's superior product offering is now coupled with the most innovative social media team in the business, which can only mean one thing.....The Cat Is Back!

8. Dustin Johnson (@DJohnsonPGA)

His best tweet of 2019, and it's not even close.

Thanks DJ. Right back at ya!

7.  Greg Norman (@SharkGregNorman)

Luckily for us, the undisputed King of Narcissism also happens to be a serious force on Twitter.

Don't believe me? Scroll through the Shark's feed sometime and you'll discover a treasure trove of plagiarized wisdom quotes and shirtless pics. If a golf fan landed here from another planet and read this Twitter account, he'd guess Greg had 30+ majors. Nope. Just one more than Y.E. Yang.

Norman is a self-described international corporate tycoon who dominates the boardroom like he once dominated the golf course. His portfolio of businesses has created wealth that will last generations.  By the way, do you need any CBD Oil? 

6. Yani Tseng (@YaniTseng)

Sadly, LPGA players often get a bad rap for not being quite as relatable as their peers on the PGA Tour. If there's one player who turns that assertion on its head, it's Yani Tseng. Sharp wit, humor, and the ability to speak truth to power. Yani doesn't back down. Don't believe me? Check out this gem from October that still has LPGA fans buzzing. 

5. Miguel Vega (@miguelvegaturf)

Maintaining golf courses today is all about sustainability. There seems to be a constant battle between members who want it "fast and firm" versus those who prefer "lush and green".

Making the membership happy while caring for environment can be a delicate balance. There are a lot of great superintendents on Twitter, but one stands above the rest.

Miguel F. Vega.

Since the moment he stepped foot north of the border, Miguel has established himself as THE voice in the world of turf management. There's not a greenskeeper on social media who doesn't hang on Miguel's every tweet in the hopes of gaining that "edge" that can improve their own course. Here are a couple of examples.


4. Britt Lee (@britt_Lee7)

I have no idea if Britt Lee is a real person or not but the service this account provides to those of us in the golf industry is invaluable. Britt gives women from all over the world the opportunity to send in sexy pics of themselves on the golf course. He then posts them to his account with a single goal in mind....Growing the Game.

Here are a couple of samples.


3. Tadd Fujikawa (@Tadd_Fujikawa)

In 2006, Tadd was the youngest player to ever qualify for the US Open and since then, very few players have given us access into their personal life like he has.

Tadd tweets what a lot of young single guys on tour are thinking and it couldn't be more refreshing. Here is a sampling...


 2. Bryson DeChambeau (@b_dechambeau)

Listen, there's lots of players on the PGA Tour that tweet about what life is like traveling the world playing golf for a living.


Luckily for us, Bryson is the only player on tour smart enough to know that his followers are yearning for something different....something more interesting.

So in response, he made a radical decision for his fans. He decided to turn his entire Twitter feed in to a rolling commercial for his sponsors. Because if there's one thing golf fans can agree on, the more #ads the better. Let's take a look at some of Bryson's best tweets.

Here's a great tweet where Bryson tells his fans how he's kicking off the season. (@redbull)

How's Bryson feeling on the range? (@Bose)

How does Bryson feel walking the fairways? (@PUMA)

Hey guys! I'm cut, I'm on vaca, and check out my new frames. (@Bose)

1. Jay Don Blake (jblake7266)

He's the GOAT for a reason folks. I don't think anyone reading this is surprised that Jay Don dominates on social media every bit as much as he does on the golf course. He doesn't tweet a lot, but when he does it's nothing short of hot fire. Like this gem....

This is one of those classic JDB tweets that forces you to think.

Who is Pine View? Who is Desert Hills? Is it a high school game or maybe a DII college game? Is he expecting one of his followers to answer the tweet with a real time scoring update? Was it meant to be a text message to his wife? We'll probably never know, but that's why he's such a great follow.

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