Anastasia’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

December 05, 2019


Hiiii guys! Ana here to give you ALL the hottest holiday gift items for this year. It doesn’t matter who you’re gifting for: your mom, your boss, your wife or the local Twin Peaks bartender, everyone loves getting gifts this season!

There are plenty of hard decisions to make this time of year, so I’m here to help you out! Hope this gets you guys started :)

1.) For Your Wife
Fetish Fantasy Spinning Swing by ($159.95)

It’s time to spice things up! There’s a reason why ‘50 Shades of Grey’ is the top-selling novel of the 2010s. It’s because the first, second and third wives of America are BORED! There’s nothing quite as special as putting your wife on the naughty list. Hold this one until the kids are put to bed and then whip this thing out to go sliding down her chimney. She’ll be all over your glistening yule log once the bow is off. What wife with a full time job and three kids wouldn't love strapping in to a sex swing on a Tuesday night? Some assembly required. 

2.) For Your Golfing Buddy
Tecate Cup Knit Beanie from ($30.00)

Guys...beanies are SO cute. There’s nothing better than pulling up to a foursome of obviously unavailable men in cold weather and they’re all wearing beanies. It just gets my motor running. Keep your noggin and ears warm on the course. Also, you can cover up your male pattern baldness so effectively with a beanie. Beanies > visors. FACT! Also, you can get flirty with all the cart girls by acting like you can’t hear what I’m saying, forcing me to lift up the side and yell into your ear “FOUR MORE ULTRAS???” 

3.) For Yourself
A season pass to KC's premier Gentleman's Club....Bottoms Up!!!!!

Go ahead, you deserve it! Home life this time of year can get boring schmoring! Your wife is in her same old flannel pajamas watching Hallmark movies (gross!) What are you supposed to do? Here's an idea.... Treat yourself! Bottoms Up has Holiday packages starting at $1,599 for an all-access season pass. I worked there from '13-'18 and can tell you from first hand experience that the PigPen is lit af during the Holiday season. Merry Christmas to you! 

4.) For Me

LOL what? I love getting gifts and judging by my DMs lately, you guys are ready to stuff my stocking (cry laugh emoji)! I’m such a simple gal to gift for. I really love getting cold hard cash from you guys on the course, but the perfect gift this holiday season requires some thought behind it. And honestly, I’ve had my list ready to go since July so here ya go!

iPhone 11 Pro Max (rose gold)
$500 Lululemon gift card
Outdoor Voices Hudson Skort (navy please!)
Gucci belt
$250 Instagram ad credit
Spotify Premium one-year subscription
Disney+ Login
Victoria’s Secret PINK Teddy Half Zip
Sephora Yves Saint Laurent gift set
Check for $965.73 made out to Capital One Auto Finance


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