What’s a Lesson Package with Club Pro Guy Like?

November 29, 2017

What’s a Lesson Package with Club Pro Guy Like?

I wish I had a Top-Flite Magna for every time I’ve gotten this question. To answer it quite simply, the more confusing and complex I can make the golf swing, the more lessons you will need to understand it. Unfortunately, “quick fix” lessons don’t cover the lease payments on my 01′ Miata. You may hit the prettiest, repeatable baby fade since Nicklaus, but trust me, you are going to need a complete swing makeover. So my sole focus for the first lesson is to convince you to upgrade to the 52 week Complete Player Package. Otherwise known as The CPG Blueprint™.

Lesson 1 Preview:

The first 45 minutes of lesson #1 will be set aside to discuss my 12 year career on the various Mexican Mini Tours. Highlights will include (but not be limited to) my several made cuts and 2 Top 10 finishes (a T-7 at the rain shortened 96′ Juarez Masters and a T-10 at the 99′ El Chapo semi-invitational).

Following the thorough recap of my playing resume’, we will begin a discussion about the golf swing. At this point you will start to hear me use words or phrases such as: single plane, supination, moment of inertia (MOI), spine angle and the X-factor. Please don’t get discouraged. Like you, I have little or no idea what these terms mean or how to practically apply them.  Because you just pre-paid $2,600 for the lesson package, I feel obliged to use them liberally throughout the process.

Next, I need to see you hit some shots so I can begin to get a feel for what I’m working with. As you begin to bang thinned 6-irons down the range, I will almost immediately lose interest.  My reaction to your first few swings will generally range from a sigh or eye roll to audible laughter.  This is normal and should not be taken personally.  Remember, this is a process.  As you continue to aimlessly beat balls, you may notice me gazing into my phone. You probably assume I’m filming your swing for later analyzation, but I’m actually checking college football scores. After all, it’s Saturday afternoon and I’ve got a $200 parlay on Michigan State and the over. Let’s be honest, right now your hopeless over-the-top-move is the least of my concerns.

Lesson 1 is in the books and we are off to a great start.

Over the remaining 51 weeks we will cover:

  • Mastering the 5 Plane Swing
  • The importance of iron covers
  • Putting shmutting, let’s learn the 2-iron stinger
  • No, ‘that guy’ you know won’t make the Senior Tour. And here’s why.
  • My Stack and Jilt™ Chipping Method
  • The beverage cart girl. How far can you push the envelope?
  • Gambling negotiation 101 – How to win bets on the 1st tee.
  • So you want to mark your ball with a poker chip
  • Varying your Pre-Shot Routine based on level of nervousness
  • Handicap Maintenance: When and IF to post a score
  • The proper way to ask if a 5 footer is ‘good’
  • The truth about white belts
  • Mastering the sideways punch-out
  • Are you cool enough to wear a flat billed cap? (Hint: no)
  • The art of choosing a member/guest partner

And much, much more.


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