For Charlie Woods, The Time is NOW

December 19, 2020


In the press room at this weeks much anticipated PNC Championship, Jackie Langer, the daughter of two-time Masters Champion Bernhard Langer, walked in to face the assembled media. She openly talked about the state of her golf game, her father's influence on her career as a real estate agent In Boca, and the pressures and pitfalls that come along with living every day in this world as a "Langer".

It was a rare and unique glimpse inside Jackie's world and she essentially laid herself bare for us all to see.

Let's now contrast Jackie's candor and bravery to another participant in this years event. Of course I'm talking about one Charlie Axel Woods. The precocious 11 year old son to 15 time major winner Tiger Woods. Unlike his counterpart Jackie, the young Woods conspicuously elected NOT to meet with the media. 

Charlie's lack of transparency isn't the first time we've seen the offspring of a sports icon shun the media and it probably won't be the last. Jaden Agassi, the 19 year old son to tennis icons Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf was routinely shielded from the press.

The result?

A career in junior tennis that was woefully inadequate and didn't remotely measure up to that of his mom OR dad. 

Jaden Graf's story is a cautionary tale. He's now out of competitive tennis completely after signing a full ride scholarship to play baseball at the University of Southern California. 

Talent squandered.

I'm not saying Charlie Woods is the next Jaden Agassi, all I'm saying is that we need better access. We need the ability to track his progress on and off the course.

We deserve that.

Tiger was famously available to the press as young as 2 years old when he appeared on a variety of programs, most famously the Mike Douglas Show. His father Earl understood a cozy relationship with the media builds a foundation of trust that can last a career. That's why Tiger has always been such a great soundbite.

The bottom line is after the stunt Charlie pulled (or should I say, didn't pull) in the media center this week, he needs to play well.


Anyone who chooses to ignore the media is basically saying....."I'm going to let my game do the talking". 

Well, at 11:48 today we'll be listening.

Come Sunday afternoon, I fully expect young Charlie Woods to hold up that PNC trophy and $200,000 first place prize to officially stake his claim as THE next superstar in the world of golf. 

Anything less will cast doubts on not only his ability as a player, but his father's ability as a parent as well. 

I wish them both the best.


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