Ask Anastasia - August 26, 2019

August 26, 2019

Hey guyyyyyyys <3

Ana here with another mailbag! Sooooo sorry for the delay between mailbags. I had a crazy month. My dog, Drake got a really bad case of the squirts, but he should be fine now. The vet said that Nutella is not good for dogs, especially small breeds. Ugh! He loves it so much. Anyway, I have been having a great summer on the course. I have also been seeing this divorced guy, well, not technically divorced, but he’s about to leave his wife. I’ve been really busy texting him and we spent six days at his beach house in Corpus Christi. It was amazing. Anyway, let’s answer some of your questions!!


Great work on the mailbag! Good to see you showcasing yourself as a true double threat. Great advice so far, so I was wondering if you could help me out. I’m a successful guy in my late 20s ($52k a year before taxes with benefits), but I have trouble approaching women. I have a ton of friends and they’re all in serious relationships. I’m starting to feel the pressure. I really want a relationship. What’s the best way to talk to women you don’t know? What are some of your favorite ways a guy wins you over?

Terry M. - Baton Rouge, LA

OMG you're soooooo cute!  

The best way to talk to a woman is first assessing whether or not you’re in her league. If she’s not looking at you, she’s not interested. That’s the hard truth. Women hit on men with their eyes. We want to know if you’re a true alpha. I have broken many men with a hard gaze. Once you have locked eyes with a girl/woman, you have to approach us. It’s simple evolution. From that point, pour on the compliments. “Oh I love your dress”, “That purse is great”, etc. etc.

Also, don’t be shy. Girls like me only run with other hot girls. It’s intimidating, I know, but even though I hate most of my friends, we know that our combined hotness is worth much more than any worthwhile friendship we might have with each other. You have to be confident in your approach. Once you have initiated contact and proven yourself to not be a creepo, it’s time to buy me and my friends drinks! Shots are great, but so is the occasional craft cocktail. You’ll know I’m having a good time and your charm is working when I throw my hands over my head and yell “Fireball, bitches!” lol it’s my signature.

Once we’ve had our fill, I’ll DEFINITELY be giving you my number, but be aware that I probably won’t text you back when you reach out. I’ll already be passed out by then, but I’ll definitely text you the next time I’m out! There’s a dance floor makeout with your name on it, buster ;)

Cart girl,

My girlfriend and I are fighting a lot lately. We’ve only been dating a few weeks and she’s already driving me nuts. Last week, she was upset because I didn’t answer her texts while I was in the middle of a three-hour meeting with my company’s audit firm. It was really embarrassing because my phone kept buzzing on the table. When I picked it up, I had 36 texts from her and eight missed FaceTimes. She’s crazy hot, so I put up with it. How do I calm the waters and keep this thing going?


Brett C. - Richmond, VA

Brett, congrats on locking one down! You should be proud of yourself. Also, this is just natural feminine behavior. When a woman is falling for her man, she wants his attention all the time. It doesn’t matter if you’re at work, visiting a relative in the hospital or driving in heavy traffic. If you’re not answering her texts in a timely manner, you don’t care about her. Period. Use the three-minute rule. It’s not like you’re really that busy. It’s cute that you’re pretending to focus on work, but she is no doubt checking your Instagram activity feed and seeing you 'liking' stuff while ignoring her. That will really make a woman feel betrayed. Just pay attention to her. It’s that simple.

If this was me, I’d be taking the afternoon off, going to a bar and start firing off public Snaps of me drinking with my friends and flirting with the bartender. Be careful! She might just start doing this to you if you’re not giving her the attention she needs. Just a simple “babe! I miss you so much! Work sucks lol!!” text goes a really long way. Your job comes secondary to your woman.

Okay guys that’s it for this week. Duty calls. As always, if you have a question for me, email

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