Employee Focus: Chip Kennedy, Club General Manager

October 14, 2019

Welcome to our new series entitled "Employee Focus". In this series, we’ll introduce you to the management of the club so you can get to know these important individuals on a more personal level. What are their likes...or maybe even their dislikes? What makes them tick? And more! This week’s featured staff member is our General Manager, Charles "Chip" Kennedy.

Name: Charles “Chip” Kennedy

Position: General Manager

Age: 38

Birthplace: Olathe, Kansas

Years employed at club: 4

Bio: Charles "Chip" Kennedy grew up an only child in the upper middle-class suburbs of Kansas City. Being a prodigious bed wetter as a pre-teen, Chip was frequently picked on by his classmates at school, which left emotional scars that he has carried with him to this day. 

Lacking the social skills needed to hang with the "in" crowd or the athletic ability to play traditional sports, Chip gravitated toward other activities in school such as marching band, debate, musical theater and various business clubs. 

After taking a gap year to work in a local Hallmark store, Chip accepted a small marching band scholarship to Mid American Nazarene University where he double majored in Business Administration and Hospitality with a minor in Feminist Literature. 

Since he was a young boy playing "office" with his assorted stuffed animals, Chip's dream was to manage people and lead an organization. He loved the idea of wearing a shirt and tie, holding a warm cup of coffee and leading a meeting of subordinates situated around a conference table where they would discuss outside-the-box ideas that would create synergies and enhance EBITDA, thus increasing revenue and overall profitability.

In addition to pointless meetings, Chip also gets off on spreadsheets, group emails, webinars, powerpoint presentations, motivational posters, white boards, off-site planning retreats and Friday afternoon conference calls that meander past 5:30 pm.

Although he knows very little about golf, Chip loves to wind his way through the pro shop on a Saturday morning asking members if they were ready to "shoot some birdies" today. 

Even though he is an eternal optimist, Chip admits his biggest challenge as GM is justifying our high monthly dues to the members. He does this by showing how favorable our dues structure compares to the dues of the top clubs in town, even though we don't have nearly the golf course, amenities or service levels of those clubs.

Chip has been married to his wife, Jenn, for 13 years and the couple makes their home in Overland Park, Kansas. The two are childless because they don't believe bringing a new life in to the world is moral, due to the imminent climate crisis. The couple does have three small dogs named Hillary, Chelsea and "Mayor Pete", named after their favorite public figures. Jenn enjoys spending time on-line, blocking traffic during #MeToo rallies, and traveling with her life coach Sierra.

Chip's Interests and hobbies: The environment, amateur outdoor theater, "Crafty" type home improvement projects, motivational corporate seminars, trade shows and sharing inspirational business memes on LinkedIn.

Role Models: Tony Robbins, Elizabeth Warren, anyone on NPR

Favorite TV Shows: Trading Spaces, Shark Tank, The Good Doctor

Favorite Movie: The American President

Favorite Musician: John Mayer

Celebrity Crush: Jonathan (The Property Brothers) 

Management Style: Hyper Passive-Aggresive

Greatest out of office achievement: Driving his Volt from Kansas City to Wichita on one charge.

Advice to members: Don't get caught up in course conditions, food quality/variety or overall service levels, just enjoy the game. 

Favorite quote: “Keep it high level and go after the low hanging fruit.”

Most Annoying Member Complaint: "This club is a fucking goat ranch"

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