Miguel Course Conditions Report: Semana de 21 de Octubre

October 20, 2020

Hola. Ah so cold! I wake up in the morning and my nipples...immediate hard! I try keep them soft with a heat max pad under tank top. No work. We keep going on because we do the work no matter how nipple feel.

Course maintain muy dificil when it get like this. Few player, more leaf. What to do?

Here we go

Numero Uno

We put back espooky skeleton on broken bench. Boo! He scare!

Numero Dos

Okay so we have big leaf pile here. First of many on course. What to do? Ernesto say he know where to get dynamite to explode the leaf. Senor Bevin say tannerite work much better. We try both?

Numero Tres

I carve a pumpkin and give it one tooth. Look like my old friend Geronimo Hidalgo. We call him Toothy Gerry back home. How is he doing, I wonder sometime. Could be dead but I hope not.

Numero Cuatro

We have many track marks from what is a cart? Senor Bevin say do not belong to our cart. He check with his man at AutoZone.

Numero Cinco

We take woodchip we had here last month and we turn it into espooky scene! We have witch, dracul and dog. Ernesto went to get more pumpkin at home depot.

Numero Seis

Third cut (use to be second cut) has gone too far. Too tall! So I take the small mower (el gato) and make some path in it. Corn maze! Tell all kids! 

Numero Siete

Senor Perry Halloween decorations coming out on to course. Marshmallow man too big, tombstones scare Ernesto. We tell him to fix.

Numero Ocho

We do not touch. Here it is. There is tree that is beauty. When Miguel die, please bury me here. Final wish.

Numero Nueve

We put big inflate wolf behind green. Player and CPG like it because it is como se dice “backboard”.

Numero Diez

Senor Kennedy say this will be a social distance trick or treat hole for halloween party. We already have too many candy wrapper here.

Numero Once

We take old bonker, put a chaise lounge there, put another espooky skeleton there. But this a one has a hawaii shirt and a sunglasses. It SCARY beach scene now!

Numero Doce

Ernesto burn down tree with cigar ash. No fire free 2020 :(

Numero Trece

Big hole from tire still in fairway. Alejandro say just make hole bigger, for become a hazard of water.

Numero Catorce

Is okay.

Numero Quince

Fly south already, geese! Away!

Numero Dieciseis

Flower garden is a dead. Time to run over with the big mower.

Numero Diecisiete

More leaf. We rake. More leaf! How to stop?

Numero Dieciocho

We patch up driving range net with gorilla glue.

Okay. Happy Halloween.

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