"Turf Time" with Miguel Vega

July 29, 2019

Course conditions report - semana de 29 de julio 2019


Buen dia,

Course been better. We do our best. Okay everyone have a good week.

Numero Uno

Trouble with sprinkler by tee box again. This time it ruin senor Bevin tee sheet. He not happy with me.

Numero Dos

No rain in two weeks but still water in bonker by green. Get extension cord for shop vac but it not reach. Hopefully will drain by itself.

Numero Tres

Big patch of brown grass in fairway. Ernesto think gopher.

Numero Quatro

Ernesto ruin fringe with mower. Try to fix but it too bad. Found mezcal in maintenance shed. I don’t know what to say to him because I drink mezcal with him last Wednesday.

Numero Cinco

All good. Fix the problem with the hard sand. Send bill for jackhammer rental to senor Chip.

Numero Seis

Dead squirrel smell still there but it not so bad now.

Numero Siete

Big hole in cart path. No more quik-crete so we fill with some rock we find by the creek.

Numero Ocho

I use weed wacker on grass in bonker and put down more sand. Can’t see grass  no more.

Numero Nueve

Drain clog gone but now hornet’s nest in middle of fairway. Ernesto say his hermano Ricardo has flamethrower. We use Raid and see what happen.

Numero Diez

Drunk gringo tore up fairway. Senor Bevin chase him down with his gun shouting “90 degree! 90 degree!” Now we seed and cover with hay.

Numero Once

Is in good shape. Find owl mierde under tree. Good news. Did not see big rat this week.

Numero Doce

Crow gone now. Ernesto kill with BB gun. Senor Bevin mad we no ask him.

Numero Trece

Cut down big dead tree but chainsaw broke so now 13 tee box has big dead tree in it.

Numero Catorce

Green in very bad shape. We got weed growing on green again. Ernesto say “too bad we can’t smoke” and we laugh. Buy weed killer at Walmart this week.

Numero Quince

Clear brush behind green. Find so many ball. Ernesto says he can sell them on eBay for mucho dinero. Will ask senor Chip.

Numero Dieciseis

Green still in very bad shape. CPG say to make it a temporary green but he say that about all our holes.

Numero Diecisiete

Bench by tee box broken by gordo member Nelson. He get mad at us for saying bench has weight limit.

Numero Dieciocho

Closing hole muy bien. Fairway in good shape after gringo wedding last week but had to pick up mucha basura on the green. All cans that say “white claw.”



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