Miguel Course Conditions Report - September 9, 2019

September 09, 2019

Senor Bevin still not back. Course bad. Time to worry.

Numero Uno

First hole fine when you look at other hole. Patch sign with bullet hole.

Numero Dos

More cart crash. Roof for cart de 43 still stuck in tree.

Numero Tres

Golfer complain about low hanging power line so I call city. Ernesto on hold last time I check.

Numero Quatro

Sprinkler leaking into bonker. Mosquito worse than ever.

Numero Cinco

Fungis growing on pond make the smell bad. Had many complain. Ernesto bring bleach and pour in.

Numero Seis

Melted ice project work! Grass growing in fine now, but now we have to punch greens for third time this summer.

Numero Siete

Grass growing again in bonker. We cover with tarp.

Numero Ocho

Ocho so good to us. Senor Bevin proud of this hole because it has great como se dice “vantage point.” He call it “bird’s nest”.

Numero Nueve

Hornets gone. Alajandro use the torch but run out of gas. We scare them away.

Numero Diez

Senor Barne set up grill here over weekend to sell hot dogs at turn. He need to clean up old charcoal.

Numero Once

CPG put dead fish in Senor Munninghoff yard. Funny joke but now it smell so bad.

Numero Doce

Crow is back and no gun because Senor Bevin not here.

Numero Trece

Goose from catorce last week move here and still so much mierde.

Numero Catorce

Out of sand so we put old rock salt in broken bonker.

Numero Quince

Second cut now too low and we can see the mud.

Numero Dieciseis

Becoming just like ocho. Green look so good.

Numero Diecisiete

Spray pain dead grass. Look fine.

Numero Dieciocho

Snake hunt went so nice. Ernesto make sausage for company cookout next week.



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