Miguel’s Course Conditions Report: Winter Update #1

January 22, 2020

Buen dia,

It is Miguel. The big Chief team go to World Cup American futbol! SUPER in the bowl! Contest in Miami where my brother Raul lives. Go on Chief!!!!

Still winter :( I take out the gator to look at around. Some snow still and grass but lots of mud too. I drive the whole golfing course, here is what I see.

Hole 1
CPG decide to let cars park on tee box during wedding celebration in October turn out very bad. It rain for many days and cars get stuck. When they finally pull out it leave deep ruts on tee box. Will be no fun for golfers in spring.

Hole 2
We fix clog drain with a boiling hot water. Ernesto thought it was mice and I say the water would kill them. Turns out, frozen poo water. Smell so bad but gone now. Need more bleach.

Hole 3
I find a squirrel nest full of baby squirrel! They look so warm. Jealous.

Hole 4
Senor Bevin use this hole to practice with his new crossbow. Alejandro scared to work close to here.  I tell him do crossbow at home!  but he no listen to me.

Hole 5
Another squirrel nest. Could be friends with other squirrel nest? Probably same squirrel family.

Hole 6
Big frozen ice patch. Could be mud, could be something worse. We wait for spring.

Hole 7
Port-a-potty stolen at halloween so now people just pee down the hill and it freeze. CPG slip and fall on frozen pee last week and yell at his soft spikes.

Hole 8
The cold not bother el ocho. Best hole.

Hole 9
Senor Randy with the snow plow confuse fairway with parking lot and take out big chunk. Throw some seed in and watch it grow. Won’t have to aerate now.

Hole 10
Goose gone! But he will come back...

Hole 11
Temporary green is a tarp. All grass gone. We will figure out how to replace later. Don’t know what’s under the tarp.

Hole 12
Another tarp for a temporary green but blue tarp this time not orange like other tarp.

Hole 13
Pothole everywhere on cart path. I replace three tire on three cart last week! We only have three player all week! Enough!

Hole 14
Big pile of snow still not melt. We pull four empty Colt 45 can and dead possum out of it last week. What will we pull out this week after sunny days? Who know.

Hole 15
The mud oh no the mud. It has slid across the paths and I don’t know where mud patch end and cart begin. I take a shovel and try to dig through it but can’t find. Like always, we wait for spring. 

Hole 16
Another big snow pile but no dead animal. Find one bottle of arbor mist.

Hole 17
When green freeze last month Alejandro try to use blow torch to melt ice fast and now it leave black marks everywhere on turf. He say grass will grow back someday but I don't think so. 

Hole 18
Weeds in fairway bonkers in summer look a little like small trees now. Too big to pull with my hand too small to chop with axe. CPG say he never see trees in bonker before.

Okay that’s the update. I see you all very soon.


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