Miguel’s Quarantine Diary

March 23, 2020


People say Miggy, rest in peace but I am alive and best! Miguel has made his recovery. I am so honor with all of your prayer. I draw inspiration from Senor Tom Hank and his beautiful esposa, Miss Rita the Wilson.

I was scared these are my last day but thank you to the miracle of Saint Peregrine Laziosi, I have become fully recover. Not knowing what life was in store for me during illness, I keep a diary and I share with you now “the miracle of miguel”

Dia uno
Ernesto get me sick. He spending way too much time with his brother Julio who works at the airport Burger King kitchen. He make the Whoppers for all the travelers coming to America from China.

I feel not so good. Senor Kennedy tell me “go home!” I say I can stay and work. But I get coughing at all times. Dizzy too. Finally, I fall asleep on tractor and crash into port-a-potty. Big mess. That night I go to club "meet our superintendent" party. I cough on many members but so hard to stop. People at hospital say NO! Miguel

Dia dos
Wake. Sleep. Wake. Sleep. Ask my wife Margarite to tell my neighbor Randy to stop playing his drums so much. I go into work and nearly crash car. Senor Kennedy say “go home, Miggy! Stop all this crazy!” CPG take me to hospital but his golfing bag take up passenger seat of his Miata. He say Miggy, hold on your lap. It was very heavy.

At hospital, nurse says.... “Miguel, you have the rona.”

Dia tres
Hospital. More nurse. More doctor. I dream many dreams. I see mi madre, but she is dead! I see all my brother. I hallucinate soccer game. I think I pee in bed, but just sweat. Made another day.

Dia cuatro
Feel better? Not so fas. I cough and cough. They put me in bubble.

Dia cinco
The worst day. I go in and out of sleep. I dream senor CPG and Bevins come into my room and put pillow over my face and say “shhhh”, go to the light. but he tell me that is just a dream. Cold pillow felt nice on my face.

Dia seis
Firs improve! I cough up big glob of goop. Doctor say he never seen one so big. And he was old doctor. Can finally breath. But no soccer game on the TV...why?

Dia siete
All strength! Nothing to stop me. I see Senor CPG again. He keep saying relapse coming, relapse coming. Go to the light Miggy, it ok to let go. he couldn’t believe my recover.

Dia ocho
I go home! Margerite have such a big party. We invite all friends over. All of them my age pero in good health so I know they not get sick. Is contagious? I am now cure.

Dia nueve
I go back to work and golfing course begin to wake up from slumber. Apply first application of Round Up. Good i'm back!


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